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Full Service Real Estate - When You Want Your Property Sold and You Need Your Agent to Go the Extra Mile

The exponential rise of the Australian property market over recent years has created opportunities for new entrants in the market, and new models of real estate business. Yet, amongst all of the new business models questions are being posed about what the client is receiving as part of some of the cut-price offerings now available.

Concern has erupted after some horror stories involving vendors receiving little actual professional assistance by their chosen real estate agent. There are stories about agents erecting signboards, handing over photocopied pamphlets and asking vendors to host their own open home inspections. Some vendors are posted everything needed to host inspections while being offered only telephone ‘negotiation support’, in many cases by agents in locations remote from their properties.

What Happens When Things Don’t Go to Plan?

One of the true tests of a real estate agent is how they perform when things aren’t going to plan? What will they do to help you achieve the best result for your home in today’s market, even if that means going beyond the call to ensure your property sale goes smoothly?

Paul Hartgers, Principal of 1on1 Property, is one real estate agent who is familiar with going above and beyond to make sure clients achieve the best possible result from selling their property. Paul understands how process-driven property sales can be, and that a property is never sold until the new owners have paid the vendor and taken possession.

Your Real Estate Professional – Going Above and Beyond

“Three times over the last year we have experienced situations where the buyer and vendor have reached an agreement and exchanged contracts, and it is looking like it is all wrapped-up only to have everything come to a grinding halt before the final step.”

In two such cases, 1on1 Property was helping clients with properties that needed to be sold as a result of a deceased estate. It is important in these circumstances that an agent is sensitive and understanding to their vendors’ circumstances.

“In these kinds of situations you are often dealing with people who have experienced the tragic death of a loved one and they’re just not in a place where they can deal with everything that’s going on. You have to be patient and very understanding, taking your time but at the same time focused on getting the result everyone is wanting at the end.”

"Deceased Estate sales generally have an extra layer of emotion," says Paul, "and often the parties are more invested meaning skillful communication and empathy are even more important to achieving the desired successful outcome. It involves taking your time but at the same time you need to be focused on getting the result everyone wants at the end."

In another situation Paul faced, contracts had exchanged on a property and there was a mutually agreed delayed settlement. The purchaser was moving from out of the area and the sale of her house hit a serious snag. Thankfully, Paul was able to step in and advise his client how to work through the issues and assist her appointed agent and solicitor navigate their way through the issues successfully.

It was a situation that would have tested the resolve of many real estate agents but because of 1on1's dedication and commitment to their clients, a good outcome was secured for all of the parties.

When you need to get the job done right, you need the right kind of real estate professional. A Real Estate agent that is totally focused on delivering results. The right advice and professional approach are priceless when it comes to handling your most valuable asset.

If you are thinking of selling your property start your journey to ‘property sold’ today by giving 1on1 Property a call on 4014 1900 for the best advice.

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