Have a Property to Manage?

Clients will often come to us after having a less positive experience elsewhere. If your previous property management company has failed to live up to its promises in the long term, you’ll be pleased to know that we stand firmly by our pledge of Putting people first.

We commit to you that we will perform the following duties when managing your property:

1.To ensure your property is leased with a great tenant and minimal vacant time
2.To ensure your property is well maintained
3.To ensure your investment property delivers the best return possible
4.To ensure ongoing professional service and excellence in communication at all times

If we fail to meet any of these standards and we are notified in writing, and we do not have an agreed plan to rectify the issue to prevent a recurrence within 2 business days of your notification, we will manage your property for 3 months - management fee free.

This guarantee does not apply when:

- We are requested to carry out non-standard duties.
­- Matters are outside our control. For example, a natural disaster or accident.

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